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Woodpecker Issue Tracker is a web-based request, issue or bug tracking tool. You can use it for performing request, version or bug management.

Peter Hoch, SIEMENS AG

Since we use Woodpecker IT, our quality management has improved by more efficient bug tracking and faster notification of the responsible co-workers. Thanks to the various setting possibilities, we were able to adjust Woodpecker IT  according to our internal workflow and to manage all of our projects individually.

Altogether we save both time and money by the use of Woodpecker IT.

Josef Pichler, Wincor Nixdorf GmbH

We selected Woodpecker IT because it is a simple tool which can be used easily to administrate open issues, bugs and errors.

Since our projects in the software and solutions business are always completed in close co-operation with customers and external project partners, Woodpecker IT is ideal as web based tool. From our customers we only got very positive feedback about the decision and the use of Woodpecker IT so far.

Conclusion: We are pleased all around with this solution and can only recommend their use to each organization with range-spreading projects .

Egon Schwanzl, DAP-Software-Büro GmbH

The web-based tracking software of AVS is in use at the DAP software office since early in 2002. Before we implemented Woodpecker IT the bug and hotline management was recorded in xls-charts and sent to the responsible person via e-mail. This sometimes caused an incomplete flow of information and an enormous amount of e-mails.

Woodpecker IT provides comfortable recording and makes clear listings of maintenance and product requests possible, various filter options and user-friendly possibilities of grouping issues included. Our customers can enter their requests directly into the online database.

The conception of Woodpecker IT enables us to control the user permissions and makes sure that only defined projects are accessible and released for processing. Since the software now represents the homogeneous interface between quality work, software development and customer support, the flow of information between the the departments of our company has improved and the bug tracking and maintenance process has been quickened.


Andreas Scharl, Siemens AG

Woodpecker IT was used for the bug controlling in a software project with an external partner. Using Woodpecker IT made it possible to work together on the same data base in a simple manner and to make information available from both sides fast and constantly.

Due to the freely configurable workflows and field composition, as well as the data base structure with history entries and file attachments a high transparency of the project status could be achieved in an uncomplicated way by using

Woodpecker IT.

George Megarry, Director TGM Software Solutions Limited

We develop software for sheep recording. We have developed a comprehensive PC based recording system and linked to that, PDA based software for both Palm and Windows PDAs. The PDA software also runs on windows mobile PDAs which have an integrated RFID tag reader (electronic identification tag reader).

Before using Woodpecker IT, we did not have a good method of tracing programming bugs and issues.

Our biggest problem was that our program tester was based in England, our software programmer in Northern Ireland and our user base distributed across a number of countries including United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada

Woodpecker IT allows us to coordinate program issue tracking and resolution across these various locations.  As company director, I get automated emails from tester and developer as each issue is raised, resolved and finished.

Kai Walter, Solution Architect SMT Business Infrastructure

Carl Zeiss SMT AG uses the Woodpecker IT primarily for the Issue Tracking of our business Intelligence solutions. By the model ASP Woodpecker IT is suitable for us in particular to the coordination of our external development partners. The free configuration of the structures and workflows helps us to use the Issue Tracker in different scenarios like project and application support.