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Woodpecker Issue Tracker is a web-based request, issue or bug tracking tool. You can use it for performing request, version or bug management.

Tracking tables

Issues are displayed in a tracking table. The table can be configured very flexibly and can be adjusted to any project. You can determine the number of columns and define each individually. The different paramters you can assign to the columns are:

  • Caption and position of the column.
  • Data type of the column's content (text, various formats of numbers, cont. number, date or an individually definable selection list.).
  • Setting default values for the different fields quickens the recording process or (e.g. by setting the current date) automates the documentation of the issues.
  • Each column can be set to required and will be checked for content when performing a status change.
  • You can assign an history field to each column that records all changes of the content and takes the minutes of the user, the date and the time the change was made. This helps with making the project's course transparent and responsibilities can be assigned.
  • Field length in database and project table.
  • You can assign an online help to each column that supports the users with any kind of information. The user opens the online help by clicking an icon at the respective issue. He/She will not have to go throug complicated help catalogues.
  • The columns are assigned to the different statuses of the workflow. Each status is displayed in a different color. This helps the users enormously in following the workflow.

You can define the complete table structure by filling out only one, clearly structured form. As it is possible for the workflow, you can adopt settings from provided template projects and adjust them to your current project. You will be surprised how easily Woodpecker IT lets you define the requests of your projects.