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Woodpecker Issue Tracker is a web-based request, issue or bug tracking tool. You can use it for performing request, version or bug management.


Bug tracking means management of errors supported by a database. Normally issues are processed according to the course of a workflow, e.g. the issues run through different statuses like recorded, edited, tested and completed. A bug tracking tool offers a central overall view and helps you with processing your issues coordinately.

Since errors occur inevitably during the process of software development, managing errors is one of the most essential parts of the quality management of IT companies. Even at small projects, using a bug tracking tool is sensible and increases the efficiency of your quality management enormously.

Woodpecker IT offers all state-of-the-art functions of bug tracking tools and is entirely web-based. This is especially advantageous for teams working from different locations and for the integration of customers.

The main advantage of Woodpecker IT lies in its high flexibility:

  • Woodpecker IT lets you adjust the workflow according to your needs. Woodpecker IT has no restrictions regarding the workflow, i.e. you can create or delete any amount of statuses and, by this, define your workflow exactly according to your needs.
  • Apart from that, you can assign any amount of fields to the statuses and choose the contents, default values and data types freely.
  • You can define each field as required field and add a history function that takes the minutes of any alteration that is made to the field.