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Woodpecker Issue Tracker is a web-based request, issue or bug tracking tool. You can use it for performing request, version or bug management.

Woodpecker Issue Tracker: an adaptable workflow management system for request, issue or bug tracking

Woodpecker Issue Tracker is a very flexible, adaptable and easy to use workflow and process management software for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as major organisations. Numerous customers are already using Woodpecker Issue Tracker to manage business processes, requirement management or bug tracking.

A compact overview of the manifold possibilites of Woodpecker Issue Tracker.

Project and language selection
After the login, the project selection appears. Here you choose your current project and the language you want to work with.
List existing issues
After choosing the project, the list view appears showing all issues of the project that were set "visible" for you. In this view you can freely sort and filter issues or blank columns. You can choose issues for editing or deleting or send them to a co-worker via e-mail.
Create / edit issues
Here you enter basic details for the issues e.g. description and priority. You can arrange the fields freely and make the filling out easier by selection lists or fixed or editable default values. In this view you can also edit an issue and change its status. E.g. the programmer changes the status from "in progress" to "testing", as soon he/she has fixed a bug. If required fields were defined, the status can only be changed if the required fields have been filled out.
Define the search filters
The filters let you determine which issues appear in the list view. Woodpecker IT offers a simple filter and the possibility to create more complex SQL-queries. You can save different filters and use them comfortably in the list view.
Send e-mails
To keep all project members up-to-date, Woodpecker IT offers various e-mailing functions. You can send more issues at once and determine single fields of the issues you want to send.
Import and export: CSV - interface
To import or export your data, CSV files (semicolon/newline separated list) operate as interface. This enables you to edit your project data on other applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel) as well and vice versa import existing data via CSV-format into your project.
Graphical evaluation of the project's course
To gain more control over the course of your project, Woodpecker IT features grapical evaluations. Use filters to decide which issues are evaluated in the charts. The different charts offer a clear overall view on your project.
Context-sensitive online help
The online help supports you if you want to look up functions and features of a mask. The context-sensitivity allows you to access the needed information directly and without lengthy searching through directories. If you need help, click the help icon and the needed information appears. Additionally to the descriptions of the functions you find examples in the online help. A comfortable full-text search is inclusive.
Create projects
First of all you have to create a project. To make life easier, the new project can be based on other projects. You can choose from various predefined template projects.
Define the workflow
Within the workflow a created issue runs through different statuses. Those statuses are freely definable. You can assign a different status to each single field.
Define the project table
You decide which fields of the issues are to be filled out. Any time you can add or delete fields and determine caption, type, size and default values. You can add a history field that automatically takes the minutes of the changes made to the field and determine that the field is a required field that has to be fielled out.
Set user permissions
You can determine in detail which functions each user is allowed to use and which information is visible for him/her. E.g. access to issues depending on the author or current status.
Set workflow permissions
You can decide if a user has write or read-only access to an issue, determine that the issue is invisible for the user and which status changes he/she is allowed to perform. These settings can change for different statuses the issue takes on.
You can select users who will automatically be informed via e-mail about a certain status change. The receiver can directly access the issue for editing by clicking the issue link in the e-mail, as long he/she is permitted to do so.
Workflow as matrix
Shows which status changes are present - can be modified one-by-one or row/column-wise
Issue and field access permissions
Status dependent access permissions for issues - can be modified one-by-one or row/column-wise
Status change permissions
Permissions for status changes - can be modified one-by-one or row/column-wise

The components to assure your success:

  • Flexible and completely web-based technology
    The use of platform independent technologies only demand a webbrowser to use your Woodpecker Issue Tracker.
  • Versatile options of integration
    The integrated interfaces are based on open standards to allow a simple and handy communication with your existing IT-infrastructure.
  • License based installation
    A classic model for all companies which like to have a locally process management solution using an own server.
  • ASP-Hosting
    The modern alternative for your business if you prefer a minimum of administrative efforts and highest flexibility.

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