Use and goals

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Customer relation and quality management gain more and more influence on the success of developing products. This is especially true, when it comes to software development. Apart from that, the different, developed products often differ from each other very much.


offers you the possibility to take those individualities into consideration and to unite customer relation and quality management:


Integration of anyone concerned

Because web-based, everyone involved in the development process can gain access to the system regardless of location, time and platform. You can include customers and suppliers as well as testers and partners at all stages of the project. Which entries are visible for the respective user, of course, you continue to decide. By working together more closely, you will be able to develop more customer-oriented products in a shorter time and thus increase the satisfaction of your customers.


Improvement of efficiency and quality

Collecting all requirements and defects of a product in one system, makes sure, that no requirement or defect is recorded more than once, and helps you in saving time, doing the recording and searching. By the different possibilities of organizing like the orientation towards a workflow, placing priorities and the various filter options, your quality management will gain efficiency. Additionally, by the independent possibilities of defining the workflow, can be adjusted to international quality standards (ISO 9000-family, CMM or V-Model).


Improvement of communication and flow of information

The messenger system, the chat function and the integration of various groups (customers, developers, support, test persons, managers) in the system, raises the flow of information in your company and team work gets much easier.


Many and various possibilities of application and adjustments to projects

The flexibility of the project table and the workflow allows you to configure , according to the extend of projects and the kind of the application, individually. You obtain a system, you can use for most different functions. For problem-, change-, and request-management or as a support-system for your help desk.