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Woodpecker Issue Tracker ist ein extrem flexibles, komplett webbasiertes System zur Prozess-, Anforderungs- und Fehlerverfolgung auf Workflowbasis.

Version 10.0.0

  • New: "List issues" now provides a board view besides the classical list view. Boards must be created beforehand using a new sub-page under "Edit project". A board visualizes the status of the project as columns, and the issues as cards contained in these columns. Additional columns can be configured for display in these cards, besides ID and issue title. The cards can be dragged between the status columns and cause corresponding status changes, provided that these status changes exist and the current user may perform those status changes.
  • Change: the IssueTracker now runs in principle also with PHP 8 and 8.1, but now requires SourceGuardian instead of Ioncube.
  • Bugfix: When changing the data type of a column from "date" to "text" an SQL error occurred