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Woodpecker Issue Tracker is a web-based request, issue or bug tracking tool. You can use it for performing request, version or bug management.

Version 9.1.0

  • New: Passwort reset mechanism. It is inactive by default and only becomes active when the new configuration option ENABLE_PASSWORD_RESET in db_settings.php is set to true. A "Forgot password?" link is then shown on the login page. The password reset mechanism is email-based and therefore requires that users have assigned email addresses. For technical reasons the feature is only available when running with PHP7 or higher.
  • New: When using password rules, the contents of a hint file is now shown at all places where a new password can be set (user settings, user profile, password reset). The hint file is meant to give details about the rules. For German, the file secure/pw_rules_de.txt is used, for English the file secure/pw_rules_en.txt is used.
  • New: Possibility to define a column as issue title column. The value in this column will then be shown in issue link lists in addition to the ID (and in the dialog when merging issues). The format for displaying issue link lists was changed from "ID123 / Project name" to "Project name / ID123 Title". The old format is still used when exporting for compatibility reasons.
  • Change: In the head of all lists in the application, text is now shortened with ... instead of simply cutting it off, a tooltip shows the full text
  • Change/bugfix: small style adjustments and fixes
  • Bugfix: Edit issue: Changed presentation and text of the message that is shown when status changes from the current status to others are defined but none of them can be used. The message up to now just referred to threshold child status, but the reason could also be that there are mandatory fields which are not filled which the user cannot see.